The Wanderer

9 July 1964
Dublin, Co.Dublin, Ireland
Graylion's Fetish Store
Gymnasium Fridericianum - Erlangen Bayern DE
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alternative lifestyles, archery, artistic nudity, black and white photos, body piercing, brewing, britain, candles, cats, chocolate, collars, computers, cooking, corset, corseting, corsetry, corsets, d/s, dark makeup, england, fantasy, fashion, fencing, fetish photography, fishnet, flirting, german cooking, goth, goth clothes, goth girls, goth guys, gothic, gothic architecture, gothic girls, gothic guys, gothic hairstyles, gothic parenting, group sex, harry potter, historical reenactment, jrr tolkien, lace, leather, lord of the rings, lotr, m/s, maryjanes, medieval clothing, medieval history, medieval period, mercedes lackey, nightwish, nudity, period clothing, photographs, photography, photos, photoshop, piercing, piercings, pirates of the carribean, platform boots, platform maryjanes, polyamoury, pvc, rammstein, renaissance clothing, renaissance period, sashimi, sca, sci-fi fantasy, self-expression, sex, society for creative anachronism, steampunk, subcultures, tattoos, tight lacing, tightlacing, ubuntu, velvet, victorian clothing, vintage clothing, vintage jewellery, vinyl, whitby gothic weekend

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Numbers 6:24

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Born in 1964. School, Polytechnic, near-marriage and work as a public servant in IT. From then on Freelancer, separation in 1998, coming out into the BDSM-scene, found a company and be CEO, close down company, move to Ireland ....

I recently got engaged married to celemon.

lots more thing have happened.

I definitely seem to be stuck in Ireland, at the moment there seems to be no going back to Germany.

for the kinksters:

my profile is lordarpad on