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On Women and what they get taught in our society

From this excellent article:

  • it is not okay to set solid and distinct boundaries and reinforce them immediately and dramatically when crossed (“mean bitch”)

  • it is not okay to appear distraught or emotional (“crazy bitch”)

  • it is not okay to make personal decisions that the adults or other peers in your life do not agree with, and it is not okay to refuse to explain those decisions to others (“stuck-up bitch”)

  • it is not okay to refuse to agree with somebody, over and over and over again (“angry bitch”)

  • it is not okay to have (or express) conflicted, fluid, or experimental feelings about yourself, your body, your sexuality, your desires, and your needs (“bitch got daddy issues”)

  • it is not okay to use your physical strength (if you have it) to set physical boundaries (“dyke bitch”)

  • it is not okay to raise your voice (“shrill bitch”)

  • it is not okay to completely and utterly shut down somebody who obviously likes you (“mean dyke/frigid bitch”)

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Well, well

“I reallly do think that the Michele Bachmanns of this world and the Glenn Becks of this world are actively and consciously — or subconsciously — trying to get — I’m just going to say it — trying to get the president killed,” Savage stated angrily. “That’s why they’re setting this up as kill-or-be-killed arguments. ‘He’s going to kill your grandma.’”

Interview with Dan Savage
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Thoughts on cars

Land transport wise we are living in exciting times. The dawn of the electric car is breaking be in the form of the serial hybrid or the purely electric car.

A serial hybrid is a car that is electrically driven and has an internal combustion engine that kicks in when the battery is reaching low level (30% in the GM Volt). We have two cars being publicly developed currently that do this:

1) A family sedan, the GM Volt, which can run 60 km on battery and then a 1.4l 4 cylinder kicks in as a generator. If you can only have one car I think that is the one. Shoping and commute on electricity, travel on petrol. The specs are quite entertaining, the acceleration quoite impressive. It is supposed to drive like a 250 hp regular car.
2) the luxury version of the same principle is the Fisker Karma, just much faster and bigger and more expensive ;)

Looking at these what I see is stored energy that gives us instant (from 0 RPM) and brutal torque, ie acceleration but actually not all that high maximum speed (Karma gues 200 km/h), which means that the range extenders can be much more sensible engines than let's say the engine in my pesonal wet dream, the Maserati Quattroporte, with a displacement of 4.2l and 400 hp. Yes it gives you nice acceleration and it also gives you a gas guzzler and a car that has so much power that the ax speed gets limited to 250 km/h. What is the point? Yes i know a motorway where i can do that not only legaly but also actually and safely, but outside Germany? Nope. Acceleration is what we want and if anybody has doubts about the acceleration of an electric car, Clarkson was rather blown away. Sadly the video is not available on youtube.

OTOP there is now also a purely electric car that I kinda covet: The Nissan Leaf. 160 km range, 30 minute 80% recharge on three phase, 8h full reload over night on 240V, 140 km/h top speed. If I had a second car for SCA/long distance this would so be my everday day motor.

Anyway: Welcome to the electric car :D
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"Stamford Marriott claims woman was negligent in her own rape"

well that definitely puts Marriott off the list of Hotels I'll ever frequent: and

nicked from Shakesville:

The Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa is claiming that a woman who was raped in their parking garage on October 10, 2006 "failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities."

This is in response to the lawsuit brought against the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa by the woman who says that the hotel should have prevented the attack.

Her attacker, Gary Fricker, was sentenced to 20 years in prison after a plea deal. He confessed to the crime of holding the woman at gunpoint, robbing her, then sexually assaulting her in front of her two children. He also threatened to sexually assault one of her children as well.

It is unclear when during this attack that the woman and her children, who were age 3 and 5 at the time, should have tried to "mitigate their damages." (Perhaps the 3-year-old should have grabbed for the gun while the 5-year-old subdued the attacker.) It is also unclear what the woman's tennis partners, Pilates instructor or the children's baby sitter have to offer on the topic, but the hotel subpoenaed them all the same, thus effectively outing the woman who had otherwise been identified as Jane Doe to help preserve her privacy.

Whether or not the hotel bears any responsibility for the attack may be up for debate, but it should be obvious that the woman herself does not. Sadly, the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa does not seem to agree.

food porn

On the subject of "what to do with chicken legs that doesn't take too long?" I came up with this answer yesterday:

4 chicken legs, skinned and thigh and drumstick separated. Take and brown in the lovely iron pan wot you got for yer wedding. put into big low pot, add about 1/3 bottle white wine, start to simmer. chop about 350g mushrooms into this and 5 halved garlic cloves. sautee 3 big onions in rings or demi rings in the iron pan and add. Add copious amounts of freshly ground black pepper (should be very noticable, even dominant on tasting, but not killing like in some asian foods) and a frsh bay leaf. Simmer with lid on for about half an hour, storring occasionally. Remove lid and start reducing and put the rice on. Whne the rice is done, the liquid should be _nearly_ gone. Add cream, the leaves of about 6 sprigs of thyme and about 3 fistfulls of frsshly chopped curly parsley (flat is to be preferred but you'll have go to easier on it). Serve forth.