graylion (graylion) wrote,

food porn

On the subject of "what to do with chicken legs that doesn't take too long?" I came up with this answer yesterday:

4 chicken legs, skinned and thigh and drumstick separated. Take and brown in the lovely iron pan wot you got for yer wedding. put into big low pot, add about 1/3 bottle white wine, start to simmer. chop about 350g mushrooms into this and 5 halved garlic cloves. sautee 3 big onions in rings or demi rings in the iron pan and add. Add copious amounts of freshly ground black pepper (should be very noticable, even dominant on tasting, but not killing like in some asian foods) and a frsh bay leaf. Simmer with lid on for about half an hour, storring occasionally. Remove lid and start reducing and put the rice on. Whne the rice is done, the liquid should be _nearly_ gone. Add cream, the leaves of about 6 sprigs of thyme and about 3 fistfulls of frsshly chopped curly parsley (flat is to be preferred but you'll have go to easier on it). Serve forth.

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